Saturday, March 11, 2006

Fab Friday Hair Meme

The RevGals are blogging about their hair this weekend.

1) Do you like your hair? Yes. Except when it makes me HOT.

2) Have you ever colored your hair? After my daughter was born, my hair broke off a bit in front of my face. Not a good thing. The stylist suggested coloring it would help the gray take up more space visually. I colored it then for about ten years. Then I quit. The gray is really white and it tends to be mostly around my face. I periodically highlight the rest to blend things out a bit. Cheaper and less time consuming.

3) What's the longest you've ever worn your hair? Middle of my back when I was in high school. The shortest? Really short as a kid when my mother was in charge. And once after a family vacation in Florida, I came home and cut it to about ear lobe length. See number 1 for explanation.

4) When and what was your worst haircut? The most maddening was three months before my wedding. I had moved and was looking for a new place for a haircut. After checking with friends, I made an appointment. I explained that I wanted waves but not kinky curls. Shorter, but not too short. It took the next three months to make a semi-recovery and I still wish I had avoided that stylist when I look at our wedding photos.

5) Tell us a favorite song or scene from a book or movie dealing with hair. There is more than one movie that shows a woman cutting a man's hair. The sensuality of those scenes always gets to me. But when my husband wants me to just "trim it up a little in the back" I always refuse. It seems more dangerous than pleasant in real life.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Computer Commits Assisted Suicide

Okay, I didn't mean to do it! But I think I've become the Dr. Kevorkian of the computer world. On Friday I was going to replace the graphics card in my computer at work. I know how to do this. It involves taking off the case on the tower, unplugging the old card and plugging in the new card. Unfortunately, the IT people had sent me a card that was much too sophisticated for my machine. The new card was designed for operating systems newer than Windows 95 and my machine, alas, is firmly stuck in the last century. So after using canned air to blow out dust bunnies the size of cotton balls, I blew off the old card and put it back. But now the computer is stuck in "safe mode". There is no coming back! I've tried everything and nothing works. There are other issues with this machine as well. Now it sits on my desk, clean and very, very sick. I am hoping that another will come to replace it, but that could take a little while. So for now, I've pulled the plug and draped the office in black. It is too, too sad.