Friday, August 31, 2007

The Friday Five... Seasons Change

From the RevGalBlogPals...

It's Labor Day weekend here in the United States, also known as Summer's Last Hurrah. So let's say goodbye to summer and hello to the autumn.

The start of school is always the sign for me that Fall is coming. As a child the thing that was best about all of this end to summer was it meant that my birthday was coming. One year though, the first day of school, WAS my birthday. Not my favorite way to celebrate. The biggest problem my much younger self had was that everybody was so caught up in the excitement of it being the first day of school, nobody really noticed it was MY special day. I have since gotten over all of that, I think.... And now for the list!
  1. Share a highlight from this summer. This summer I combined a business trip with a visit to Baby Sister and best friend, Adventure Girl. One night we had an early dinner with lots of red meat and chocolate followed by a movie. It was lots of fun being three women out and about. The conversation at dinner was great. The food was down right hedonistic. The movie met everyone's cinematic needs. A good time was had by all. Of course we felt pretty pitiful when we realized we were home before 10pm!

  2. Are you glad to see this summer end? Why or why not? I think I am glad that summer is over. Mostly because I can stop feeling bad about all the things I was going to do that I didn't get to. Now I have an excuse, summer is over! If I get them done now, it's like a bonus prize.

  3. Name one or two things you're looking forward to this fall. Getting Soda Chick settled into her new high school routine. I'm really excited for her. I am also looking forward to cooler weather, especially when supply preaching at churches without air conditioning. I am not a woman who "glows" when it's hot. I get wet!
  4. Do you have any special preparations or activities to mark the transition from one season to another? Getting Soda Chicky new clothes for the new school year. Today's shopping day and I hope we get through it without having too many Mother-Daughter debates. Also, the Husband feels that some kind of grilled pork is required for Labor Day. Preferably ribs or pork steaks. So after the girly shopping it's off to the grocery store.

  5. I'll know that fall is really here when the trees on Lincoln Drive are red and gold. When my commute changes color, I'll know that autumn has come.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Things I hope my daughter knows...

My friend the Lutheran Zephyr tagged me for Five Things My Children Should Know. As the Soda Chick is now 14, I hope she has learned many of these things already. And I think she has. But just in case she's reading this, here goes!
  1. Nothing can separate us from the love of God! Not anything. No way! No how! Nothing you ever do, nothing you ever leave undone. No power, no vacuum. God will find you, love you and go with you- no matter what.
  2. That goes for me too! There's nothing that will ever cause me to stop loving you. You cannot lose my love.
  3. Church is a good place to be. It will help you keep focused on what's important. It will always be a place where you can learn new tools for survival. There will always be people at church who care about you. Don't stop going there just because you're having doubts. It's easier to be faithful when you're surrounded by people who are also trying to better understand God, themselves and the world.
  4. Follow your joy. Don't follow dreams that are lacking in joy. Find a job/career that helps you be at your best. Marry someone that loves you even when you are being unloveable. Make choices that bring joy to your life. Not happiness, but true joy.
  5. Smart and funny is better than pretty and popular any day of the week. Now, let's be clear. I am not saying that you aren't pretty. You are. But what is really important is what's on the inside. And not just your insides, but the insides of the people you hang with. It will be true of the guys you date, too. Plus, the folks who will bring out the best in you, will be the ones who make you feel smart and funny. Does that make sense?

So that's my motherly advice for the day. I would really love to hear what Pink Shoes, Songbird, Reverend Mommy, Soda Chicky and Mountain Mama have to say. Tag! You're It!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Gradual School

Gradual school... from a small voice in The World According to Garp.

I used to think about going to Gradual School. But then I would think, "No. I don't need a DMin. No, I don't think I have the umph to do a PhD." But lately, I've been thinking differently. I am dwelling in the middle of the seminary community and I keep wanting to get in on the studying. I have a friend who is determined that I get another degree and pursue teaching. But what would I want to teach? What do I have to say?

Well, today I took a first baby step. More of an inquiry than anything else. We really can't afford for me to get to invested (literally) in Gradual School since Soda Chicky wants to go to college in four years. Her BA trumps my PhD. But we'll see....

Monday, August 27, 2007

From the middle of yesterday's sermon

Every year, new seminarians begin their study of Lutheran theology. They are very keen to learn how to do things the right way. They want to be good theologians and excellent pastors. They are being evaluated and graded and they are intent on making the right choices.

Some times they worry about how to fold their hands during worship. Some days the issue is the translation of a particular verb. But it is absolutely certain that at some point in the first semester, some one will raise the question of baptism and still born children.

Professor, what do you do if a baby has died and the parents want you to baptize their child?

It’s a difficult situation to imagine. And an all too painful reality for some. The thing is, our Lutheran theology, our doctrine, our rules, say that baptism is meant for the living and that it is not necessary to baptize an infant who has died. Luther very compassionately argues that the tears of the parents are all the blessing that their child needs and that there is no doubt that God welcomes these little ones into his kingdom.

But when faced with grief stricken parents, who insist there can be no other way, do you break the rule?

I have come to believe that whatever you do in a situation like that, make sure, absolutely sure, that you are a sign of God’s love to those people. Try your best to be a means of mending and not breaking. Unleashing and not binding. And trust that God will bless all those involved with his love and mercy.