Saturday, February 23, 2008

All About Soda Chicky

The Chick made a point this evening of sitting next to me and requesting/ordering that I pull up my blog. She wanted to see what I had written about her lately. She was saddened to find that there was nothing about her recent illness on my blog. Not wanting to win any more points in the "Bad Mother Contest" I will now tell you the painful story of the Chick's health of late.

For nearly four weeks, the Chick has struggled with stomach aches and nausea. On Trip #1 to the doctor it was decided that she had a virus. She was given an anti-emetic prescription and we went home. The little pills helped her not throw up but it really "bound her up" as my father would say. A week later she was still feeling rather punk. Trip #2 to the doctor was for her "well baby" check up. (What do you call it when the baby is 14?) We caught her on a good day except that she went into total meltdown when it came time to get her HPV vaccine and a flu shot.

Visit #3 found me suggesting that perhaps she had inherited all of her parent's collective bad genes. The doctor found some merit in all of this and ordered an xray of the Chick's abdomen. Sure enough, she was full of crap! (This is the less technical explanation.) She is now taking the new wonder drug MiroLax. It seems to be doing the trick along with regular doses of Pepcid.

While we were trying to figure out what was really ailing her, I found myself feeling really useless. I'd done what everyone was suggesting. I'd taken her to the doctor. I'd gotten the prescribed meds, but the kid still felt horrid. I told her one afternoon that I felt like I had been given a really great toy that I had somehow misused and now I couldn't figure out how to fix it. Rather than making her feel objectified, it helped her know that I really was concerned and I really did want her to feel better. (When I forced her to go to school on more than one occasion, she wasn't too sure about me. I got lots of votes for "Bad Mother" on those occasions.)

So the Chicky is feeling much better. She had a Snow Day yesterday which also helped her mood immeasurably. The good news is that she was bored today. Always a good sign that one needs to get out of the house!

Between bouts of feeling truly yucky, the Chick and her friends Barnum and Lovely Girl redecorated the Chick's room. They moved the furniture around. Lovely Girl made some style suggestions. Barnum came along for a trip to Linens n' Things and the place is almost the room of their imaginings. I need to do some minor sewing and a little craftiness and the place will be put together.

So Chicky... I hope this meets your expectations. Not too embarrassing. Not too personal. And yes, Lovely Girl finally has her own blogging secret identity.

Love, Mom

Friday, February 22, 2008

Prayers for Rusty

A very dear friend of my parents died last night. Her name was Alta. The day after she retired from her job in November, they found that she was seriously ill. Almost three months to the day, she died in hospice care. My heart aches tonight for those who love her.

At Christmas time we visited my folks. My mother asked me to make a prayer shawl for Alta. I was honored to be asked and we quickly went to the Ben Franklin store to pick up the supplies. For two days I prayed and crocheted while football games, BBC reruns and other goofiness went by on the television. I prayed for Alta and her husband Rusty. I prayed for my parents whose lives have been so warmly touched by these dear friends. I prayed for their small mountain congregation and their priest who serves them.

After we left, Mom and Dad delivered the shawl to Alta at the hospital. She was due to have her second major surgery in a month. In the movement from room to room, the shawl was misplaced. But last weekend, Rusty found it packed in with some things. He tried to give it back to my mother. But she said no, it was his and it was packed with prayers for him to hold onto.

I sit tonight hundreds and hundreds of miles away from my parents, wishing I could do something to help them in their grief. I can't fix a meal or stay up late for a long chat. I can't help with practical matters. I can't do much of anything. But I will keep praying. And my mother has reminded me again, what a precious gift that can be. And so Mom and Dad, please know I am praying for Rusty and his family and for the two of you. Praying for comfort and love and strength.

A Heavenly Friday Five

On the RevGalBlogPals, Singing Owl posted the Friday Five as a memorial of sorts to her dear sister who died this week of Alzheimer's. Singing Owl asked what is your idea of a heavenly (i.e. wonderful and perfect):

  1. Family get-together: Some place where the grown ups could talk and relax while all the kids were having fun. The beach sounds good. Or a lake some place where it was not too warm and not cold.

  2. Song or musical piece: Hmmm.... nothing immediately comes to mind. I like a lot of different kinds of music. A thrilling Bach postlude. A totally cool Marty Haugen hymn with guitars, piano, claves and flute. Little kids singing a sweet Sunday School tune.

  3. Gift: Time with a dear friend for a good meal and good conversation. Time would be the gift.

  4. You choose whatever you like-food, pair of shoes, vacation, house, or something else. Just tell us what it is and what a heavenly version of it would be. Tonight we watched Gordon Ramsay trying to turn around an Indian restaurant. It made me remember a stellar meal I had last Fall in Minneapolis. The restaurant was delicious to smell! The food was authentic and marvelous. The company great. The service good. I want to go back!

  5. And for a serious moment, or what would you like your entrance into the next life to be like? Not too difficult for those who love me and all that Christ promises. What, from your vantage point now, would make Heaven "heavenly?" .When asked if there would be sex in heaven, C.S. Lewis once said that no, there wouldn't be sex in Heaven. But we wouldn't miss it because Heaven would be too wonderful for us to regret the loss of this important human connection. So I guess I think heaven must be beyond my imagination. And when I try to imagine it, I find that there are always faults with my notions. I am trusting that God has it well taken care of. And that is the most heavenly bit of all.