Monday, March 13, 2006

The Rev Gals Need a Logo

NCAA Tournament - I like to say Villanova!

Truly I am not a big fan of basketball. I think college basketball can be especially hard to watch because I don't know who any of the players are AND their shoes really squeak a lot on those hardwood floors.

I do however enjoy the brackets. I don't bet on the games. I don't need to. I just like to pick my teams and see what happens. I tend to favor teams with fun names like Gonzaga and UConn (which sounds like they're from Alaska, but they're not!)

I vote agains teams like Oral Roberts University purely for religious reasons and if everyone else in the office has picked the local favorite- I go the other way. (This explains why last year, everyone else was stuck with Illinois at the end and I picked the winner. Don't ask me who it was. I just know my guys won.)

My father would be horrified to read this. How could I possibly be so public about my lack of interest in sports? What's next? Choosing the winners based on their team colors?!? (They never include that in the bracket info I get.)

So if you'd like to enter a no-money, no-skill, no-real-interest NCAA pool, here's your invite. You do not need to be a member of AOL to participate in AOL’s Bracket Pool Manager game, but you do need an AOL screen name. If you have a screen name with any of the following you can use the same screen name: AOL or AOL Instant Messenger.

Once you have a screen name, just follow this link to join the league You'll be asked for your league's ID number and password. They are: LeagueID: 8902 Password: ELCA Post a comment if you decide to play!

No Deal

I am afraid for my family's mental health! Please, please, please, SOMEBODY explain to me why "Deal or No Deal" is a good thing to watch. It's moronic. It's the televised equivalent of scratch off lottery cards. It takes no imagination or wits to play. It's stupid. And yet, my family enjoys it. Blech!