Thursday, June 13, 2013

GRACE at the Parkway Lot at JFK Blvd and 30th St

On Monday I parked my car at a lot about two blocks from the 30th Street train station before boarding Amtrak for parts north.  In my imagination, this whole venture was going to be simplified because I was leaving my car behind for three days.  Oh, the powers of the the imagination!

When I got to the other end of the line, I was met by a delightful new friend who was on the planning team for the event.  We had donuts, picked up a third rider and made our way further north.  All was good.

On Wednesday afternoon, it was time to go home.  Through no body's fault, I missed my train.  No problem, another one always comes along.  Unfortunately, Amtrak thinks that not all trains have the same value, so in order to get home, I could pay anywhere from $50 to $12 in additional costs.  I went for the later, cheaper train, knowing that this now meant I did not have to make dinner!  However, I have dawdled over replacing my ATM card.  It was fraudulently used to attempt a purchase of $400 worth of something from QVC.  So after I paid for my new train ticket, I no longer had enough cash to get my car out of the parking lot.

My husband was going to be mad.

Or at least righteously indignant.  I had procrastinated and now I was in a fix.  He was going to have to come bail me out. That's when something good happened.

I explained my dilemma to the parking lot attendant.  I had no expectations, I just wanted to find out how much the bill was going to be.  I was nearly twenty dollars short.  I prepared to go back to my car and wait for my husband to rescue me, when the attendant started to look around her booth.  She called her manager and after a very brief, matter of fact conversation, he forgave my debt.

I had pulled one of my business cards out so that I could write an IOU.  Now these are not my serious cards.  These are my "go play and make new friends" cards.  On the back of each one is a word.

The one at the top of the pile was GRACE.  I don't know if the attendant made the connection, but I certainly did.  As she read my IOU she said, "I wouldn't worry about it.  I think once you drive away that's the end of it."  She wasn't cheery.  She didn't smile, but I thanked her for her graciousness and headed for home.

If you need a place to park near the 30th Street Station, I strongly recommend Parkway at JFK Blvd and 30th Street.