Tuesday, July 16, 2013

We Heard It's Your Birthday!

The RevGalBlogPals blog ring is 8 years old.  Over at the blog, Teri posed the questions for this week's "Carnival Ride."

Because eight year olds love things that are slightly complicated but not really, and because 8 year olds are some of the most imaginative people I know, we'll be doing a two-part carnival this week!

  1. What's your birthday tradition?
  2. If you were blowing out the RevGal birthday candles, what would you wish for us? What's your dream for RevGalBlogPals?
In the land of my childhood, the tradition that was probably the most significant was standing on your chair.  After dinner or at your party, you got up and stood on the chair.  The dining room chair!  The lights would be dimmed and the lit cake would be brought in as everyone sang "Happy Birthday."  My mother was brought up in a family where the motto was "Don't make a scene." So I suspect the chair thing was my father's idea. 

The only time I have ever willingly stood on a chair was on my birthday.    For someone who has always had a fear of falling, this would not have been my first choice for an established tradition.  And yet, I have this clear memory of the feelings it created within me.  A sense of delight combined with a certain shyness and a feeling of danger blended with joy.  I remember wondering what I should do with my hands.  

My wish for the RevGalBlogPals is that we would stand on our chair.  This group includes brilliant minds, published authors, funny, caring, compassionate pastors and lay people.  The generosity of spirit. The transparency within relationships.  I wonder if we always claim all that we are. Are our dreams big enough? It's time to stand on our chair.