Tuesday, July 02, 2013

My Fine Friends

This month my beloved RevGalBlogPals have double dog dared us to write something every week in July.  It's a "blog carnival" and the first question is What does Galship mean to you?*

About eight years ago I discovered the world of blogging.  My friend Lutheran Zephyr recommended it and at the time it gave me a place to anonymously vent about this and that.  A month or so later I had discovered the RevGalBlogPals ring and tentatively asked permission to join.  I read.  I commented.  I blogged.  I laughed and cried and confused my family with talk of SongbirdWill's Mama, Elastigirl, the Vicar of Hogsmeade and so many others. When the first Big Event was advertised I signed up and then instantly regretted it.  

What if nobody talked to me?  What if they didn't like me in real life?  What if I got seasick or lonely or bored? I didn't really know these women!  What was I thinking?

My daughter, who was 12 at the time, told me to "Stop worrying. It'll be fine!"  So off I went, feeling nervous and shy and slightly nauseous.  

The daughter was right.  It was fine.  More than fine.  It was one of the best weeks ever.  I relaxed.  I got to put voices and faces with names and stories. My online community became tangible and touchable.  

Since then, these "gals" have shared my joys and prayed when I sorrowed.  They have held my secrets and proclaimed the gospel.  I have delighted to spend time with them in the presence of my 78 year old mother and my 20 year old daughter.  They have saved my life on more than one occasion.  

Sounds mushy, I know, but galship isn't just girly friendship.  It is a deep, compassionate, honest, committed relationship centered in a shared faith in Jesus Christ.  It is not so much rare as remarkable.  It is fine, which if you check, may be defined as 
  1. of superior or best quality; of high or highest grade:
  2. choice, excellent, or admirable:
  3. keen or sharp, as a tool.
*I have edited this post three or four times.  In part this was related to my lack of enthusiasm for the word gal.  I struggle with it because so often it feels like people use gal when they really mean woman.  Please know that my feeling about this particular word is no reflection on my deep love for those known as the RevGalBlogPals.


Martha Spong said...

Oh, gosh. I coined that terrible word. For me it was a way of getting out of the word "fellowship," which has that "all people are included in a male word" problem.
I'm very glad you came on the first cruise and grateful to count you as a friend.

Henry said...

Martha, I totally get it. I always think that there should be an inclusive word for "churchmanship" but I haven't found one yet.

Amy+ said...

Love you!

Deb said...

What a great story! :) We are a special breed! :)

revkjarla said...

xoxo I love this.

kathrynzj said...

Good stuff! - will smama

Mary Beth said...

I had a nightmare before the first BE that no one liked me. Yeah.

Robin said...

You know, I would never use the word "gal" in any other context. But I've come to love it in this one.

Mary Beth said...

What Robin said. :)

Teri said...

This is also the only time I use the word "gal"--there's something about RevGals that makes it work, I think. :-)

<3 <3 <3 you. So glad to know both your blogname and your real one.

Terri said...

ditto, all, re the word "gal" - for better and for worse. Revgals is good regardless.

Anonymous said...

I *so* agree with the gal discussion! and the angst about the first BE and if anyone would like me.