Saturday, January 12, 2008

Out of the loop

It has been a quiet period on this blog of late. We came back from a week with Mountain Mama and Papa Joe. The mountains were beautiful and the visit was great. Now that January has begun, it is a very busy time for me in my unorthodox pastor job. Lots of paperwork and details. I've come home and found myself less inclined to write. So to catch up, here are a few tidbits.
  • SodaChicky has been sick of late. I took her to the doctor and they seem to think she might have enlarged adnoids which cause her to get really nasty sinus headaches. Clearly something is going on. Every time the barometric pressure changes she complains of pain and dizzinesss. Being one of the meanest moms on the planet, I sent her to school on Friday anyhow!
  • Pseudo-baby has learned to sit up all by himself. This is good but he also falls over. Took a couple of good crashes last week. Nasty bump on his forehead. It's amazing though how quickly he forgets it all and moves on to the next discovery. Babies are an amazing bunch!
  • Made a great "clean out the frig" stir fry tonight with shrimp, peppers, onions, cabbage and noodles with a curried peanut sauce. It was totally without a recipe but tasty. SodaChicky said in passing, "If I liked curry, I'm sure it would smell great." She had leftovers instead.
  • Dorothy is off to Europe next week as a part of a Eastern Europe study program. We will miss her smiling face around the place. I asked her to bring home some good chocolate!
  • Music Girl's son journied to Rome this week for a semester abroad studying architecture. Clearly I went to the wrong schools! ;-)
  • I'm trying to quit smoking. I've cut my intake more than half but it is tough on the weekends. Sigh...

So those are my random thoughts for now. Blessings to one and all!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Clinton.... who knew!?!?

The Bug Man and I have been talking politics this weekend. He has always been a Republican. I've always been a Democrat. Who knows how we ended up together!

Bug Man has said repeatedly that perhaps he could vote for Obama but he could never vote for Hillary Clinton. Four years ago he voted for Bush even though a survey showed that he had more in common with John Kerry.

Tonight we took another survey. I agreed with Clinton 63%- more than any other candidate. But here's the fun one! The husband also agrees with Clinton more than any other candidate. His percentage was in the mid 40s but still- she scored a lot higher than a lot of his Republican buddies. However, he has said he will NEVER support her. When I tried to figure out why, it came down to a distaste for the candidate. He just doesn't like her. Why is likeability such an issue? Why is Obama getting a bump in the ratings because people just like him more? Why isn't it more of an issue of qualifications and experience?

I suspect that people will continue to struggle with the idea of voting for Hillary Clinton because they don't like her. She isn't warm and cuddly enough for them. But really- do you want a warm and cuddly president?