Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Five: What's Cooking?

This week's Friday Five on the RevGalBlogPals relates to the kitchen. I love kitchens!

1. What is the one appliance you simply couldn't be without? It would have to be the frig. When I was fifteen our family moved cross country and beat the furniture to the new house by a week. We had no frig. So a cooler with ice sat where the frig would one day be plugged in. I missed the frig even then. After all, where else can you keep the ice cream?

2. What if anything would you happily give up? Not much! Love the dishwasher. Love the garbage disposal. The rice cooker is a fave! And although I remember the days before microwaves, it sure makes life easier.

3. What is the most strange household appliance you own? Most strange might be the little electric sauce pot that stirred itself. It was strange but you could make great chili con queso in it. There was some mourning when it died.

4. What is the most luxurious household appliance you own? There are not a lot of luxurious appliances at our house. My dad however has an electric potato peeler. Does a good job on the veggies and you can't cut yourself with it.

5. Tell us about your dream kitchen- the sky is the limit here.... Well, it's in a house we own, not rent. And it's big! It has a gas stove that self cleans. It does not allow the smell of fried onions to permeate into the rest of the house. You can sit down and hang out in the dream kitchen. It has two dishwashers, a huge freezer, and a maid to clean up when I'm done cooking!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

What's happening now?

Once again, it has been a long while since my last blog entry. I think Facebook is responsible for much this state of affairs. Another reason is that life has been complicated. For four years I served as the Manager of the Augsburg Fortress store in Philadelphia. It has been a wonderful calling. Almost hard to describe. In November, AF announced that it would be closing its stores. For several weeks I was unsure of where I would be going next. I wasn't ready to leave the seminary community that I have come to love, but what did God have planned? I am glad to say that the Lutheran Theological Seminary has invited me to stay on as the manager of their new campus bookstore. The process has often brought up the question, "How hard to I want to work for the next year?"

This week my friend Wil Gafney, Hebrew and OT prof at LTSP is off to the RevGalBlogPals' BE 2.0. I had so hoped to be along for the ride, but the changes at work have kept me here. I do hope she is enjoying her adventure. In the meantime, I have to settle for looking at pictures and getting greetings via Wil's Iphone.