Monday, March 13, 2006

No Deal

I am afraid for my family's mental health! Please, please, please, SOMEBODY explain to me why "Deal or No Deal" is a good thing to watch. It's moronic. It's the televised equivalent of scratch off lottery cards. It takes no imagination or wits to play. It's stupid. And yet, my family enjoys it. Blech!


P.S. (an after-thought) said...

Most TV: Blech!

LutheranChik said...

You want to hear something funny: I'm sitting here reading Marva Dawn's Unfettered Hope -- all about how the "powers and principalities," including the media and entertainment industries, keep us anxious and needy and hooked on them...and "Deal or No Deal" is blathering on the TV. Ironic.

Gord said...

I watched approximately 45 seconds of it one day this week. I think that is enough.