Saturday, April 15, 2006

No snacks?!?!? Airline travel is not what it used to be!

This past week, I went on a business trip with Lutheran Zephyr. We flew off on a little jet owned by a major airline and were offered NO SNACKS! What is with this? I wasn't expecting salmon with a buerre blanc sauce or anything. But a bag of pretzels would have been nice. Or maybe a couple of cookies. It was a LONG flight. Fortunately for me, LZ never leaves the airport without snacks and water. So we were okay for the next several hours. I know this sounds like whining and it probably is. It's just that I remember when about the only place you ever got honey roasted peanuts was on an airplane. Ah, the good old days.

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Pink Shoes said...

I've been on two airline trips in the past month or so. On one airline they offered snacks to PURCHASE. Not for a lot of money, but still... and on the other we actually got snacks for no fee. I would feel the same -- harumph!