Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Cruciform shapes

I was reading P. Softly's blog and she's been looking for cruciform shapes in nature. As an alternate, she posted a lovely photo of a jack-in-the-pulpit trinitarian photo.

It got me to thinking and then surfing for photos. Here are two for her....

The first was a file from an English seed catalog site with info describing the shapes of blossoms... "Cruciform" had this photo as an example.

The second is a "Cruxifix Fish." My old colleague in Illinois had one on his credenza that someone had given him years ago. If you like it, go to Ebay, baby! You can get anything on Ebay!


P.S. (an after-thought) said...

When I was thinking of trying to photograph a cross in nature, I was prosaically thinking of two items crossing at right angles.

Sunday, the Gospel lesson was about the mustard seed. Our pastor said, the kingdom of God is like a ....weed. The mustard, at least here in the midwest, is a weed. It grows where it will, on its own, and you can't stamp it out.

After church I got out my handy wild flower book. The Mustard family is the Cruciferae family, so named because their 4 petals form a cross. 138 species in our area. Cabbage, turnip, radish belong to this family.

Mary Beth said...

I grew up with this postcard, and the "Crucifix Fish," which of course is a catfish skull.

Nowadays, Ebay is the place. But we used to get them out of the crab traps when I summered in North Florida...they were, erm, left over from the bait. :)

thanks for the reminder!

BTW, P. Softly - so if we eat cruciferous vegetables, we not only get to gaze on their cruciformity (?) but also get our fiber in! What a deal!