Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Not my kind of brownie pan!

For a mere $34 you can buy this pan so that all your brownies have edges. BUT I LIKE THE ONES IN THE MIDDLE! This was posted in an AOL piece on strange cooking gadgets. There was also a thing that is meant for cutting hotdogs so that they look like octopi. Sheesh! You can do that with a knife. But don't! I think it may actually make the dogs taste worse. At least that was my experience at "Under the Sea" nights at our kids' midweek program. Usually served with blue jello jigglers that had Swedish fish "swimming" around.


Diane said...

who knew?
I like the middle, too.but this would make my husband very, very happy

Certified Healing Coach said...

How weird!

I don't like the edges at all!