Monday, March 03, 2008

Strange Days Indeed

Tonight the television was on and suddenly I looked up to see Julia Louis-Dreyfus do something strange with her lipstick. "The New Adventures of Old Christine" is not my favorite show, but I do so wish I could have saved the two opening minutes of the show. The reason is this....

.... Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in the delightful shade of "Nutmeg." Last night the Bug Man walked into the bedroom looking like a bad Lucille Ball impressionist. He had picked up the Chick's Lip Shimmer and used it like regular chapstick. It is NOT regular chapstick. He did know how goofy he looked before strolling into our room, but he wanted to "share".

Tonight, "Old Christine" was moaning about her recent boyfriend break up and did the exact same thing. I paused the TiVo and waited until the Bug Man came back into the room. Too strange to be believed.

The really hard to believe part is that the Man couldn't tell the difference between chapstick and lip shimmer. Here's hoping he doesn't throw the nutmeg colored stuff in a coat pocket before heading off to work some day!

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