Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday Five: What's in a name?

It's my week to post the Friday Five and after having dinner with Songbird and her Princess, I knew what I had to do!

If you are a regular reader of Songbird's blog, you know that "The Princess" has requested a new name. Her older brother changed his "secret identity" a while back and now this lovely young lady is searching for a new name on her mother's blog. This got me to thinking. How do we come up with all of these names? There must be at least a few good stories out there.

In honor of the Princess I have posted a picture of one of my favorite members of fictional royalty, Robert Munch's "Paperback Princess." She is a brave young woman who doesn't need anyone else to fight her battles. And she knows that what is most important isn't tiaras and finery but what's on the inside. If you haven't read this little fairy tale, I highly recommend it. But I digress.
  1. So how did you come up with your blogging name? My blogging name RevHRod is related to a high school nickname. My friends in the art department used to call me H. Rod because of the sloppy way I signed my photograph. Before I was a Rev it was my aol screen name. Post ordination, I modified. And/or the name of your blog? I wanted to feel that my blogging was more about the writing than the reading. And Baby Sister really did say this to my mother one day when Mountain Mama was too tired/preoccupied to listen to the musings of a five year old. Baby Sister said, "That's okay, Mom. You don't have to listen, I just like to talk."
  2. Are there any code names or secret identities in your blog? Any stories there? Soda Chicky is my daughter's secret identity. She gave it to herself when she started IMing people. Don't know what it means and I'm not sure she does either. But some how it fits. The Bug Man is my husband who does pest control. My sisters named themselves as did my mother. My staff has been given names that have a strange little connection in my brain.
  3. What are some blog titles that you just love? For their cleverness, drama, or sheer, crazy fun? Pink Shoes in the Pulpit; Freshly Ground Freshly Brewed (I love her handle- Hot Cup Lutheran); The Vicar of Hogsmeade.
  4. What three blogs are you devoted to? Other than the RevGalBlogPals blog of course! When I have no energy to read any other blogs, I find myself coming back again and again to see how Will's Mama, Songbird and Presby Gal are getting along in the world.
  5. Who introduced you to the world of blogging and why? My dear friend Lutheran Zephyr introduced me to blogging. His wife told him he needed a blog because he had too many opinions and she couldn't listen to ALL of them. It seemed like a good reason to blog.

Bonus question: Have you ever met any of your blogging friends? Where are some of the places you've met these fun folks? I met a bunch on the BE and it was wonderful! I've also run into Pink Shoes at the ELCA National Assembly and some others that I'm not coming up with right now because I'm too sleepy!


cheesehead said...

Four words:

"Three martinis, twelve olives."

(One of my very favorite memories of the BE!)

Iris said...

Now, why haven't I ever been to your blog before? Thanks for the really fun FF!

EmJayDee said...

Thanks for posting such an interesting F5 and for your visit while I was asleep! Have a good Sunday.

God_Guurrlll said...

Hey Roomie,

I gave you a shout out at my blog. Your blog name is one of my favs.

Peace and love,

Processing Counselor said...

I've always wondered about your name.. Good play.

Songbird said...

So she didn't have to listen, he just needed to blog? ;-)
It was such fun to be with you the other night!!