Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas To Do List - Friday Five

With a flair for simplicity, SongBird challenged us all to list five things we have to get done before Christmas:
  1. Get my haircut. Haven't looked respectable in weeks. That's the trouble with short hair!

  2. Buy three dozen small brass bells for the children's sermon on Christmas Eve.

  3. Come up with a plan B if number 2 doesn't get done.

  4. Finally decide if we are putting up the tree or not. The problem is: our current home has very, very short ceilings. Our old home did not. Is it worth dragging the big old box upstairs only to find that it doesn't work? Plus there would need to be major furniture moving or we block the front door with the tree. I'm voting for a different motif!

  5. Make sure everyone is okay with the children's program for Christmas Eve. When last I checked there was a major kerfuffle about to brew regarding whether or not we should have a live baby Jesus. And if we do, who should play the baby? Does the baby have to be a member of the congregation? Does it have to be the baby born closest to Christmas? If the baby is being baptized in January, do they count as a member? We may just use a baby doll. Done! Baby Jesus will be played by a young lady whose parents are members as is her great-grandma. Many photo ops!


Songbird said...

That's a lot of bells. I have a similar shopping list involving candles for Sunday afternoon--when we are due a big storm.

Queen Mum said...

Thinking through the same baby vs. doll question here. Leaning towards the doll so no one gets their feelings hurt. Or so that everyone does. Whichever. Would love to hear what you are doing with the bells....