Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Soda Chicky is 16!

At about 8:35am this morning, my girl officially turned 16! She is very excited. Not about driving, but about the milepost in her life. Also, very excited to know what her parents got her for a present. And then there's the party on Friday. It's a little different. A 1970 theme party being held in the church hall. (It's a lot bigger than our living room.) We're having fondue, listening to old music, tie dying. It should be very interesting.

Tonight the BugMan is bowling for the opportunity to be the first place team in his league. As a result, he is unable to go out to dinner tonight. The Chick insisted we go out TONIGHT! So we are going along with Pseudo Baby and his mom. Ack! Bug Man is home. Gotta go watch her unwrap the present.

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Songbird said...

Happy Birthday, Soda Chicky!!