Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Who did you meet on your way to the fair?

I am late to post to this week's RevGalBlogPal's "Carnival."  I've been on a three day road trip with the Soda Chicky and I had minimal contact with anyone but the girl.  By the way, if you ever have a chance to go to Assateague Island
which is half in Maryland and half in Virginia-  go!  Seeing the wild horses that have lived there for about 300 years is amazing.

About six years ago, I was a more regular blogger and had a variety of RevGalBlogPals who I regularly read and posted comments with.  One was a younger woman, single, working at a Lutheran church and thinking about seminary.  I hoped she would meet the particular challenges she was facing and I loved her sense of humor.

One day I got a message from my blogger friend "Ruth" at Lutheran Flavor saying that based on my self-description she was pretty sure I worked at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia.  If this was true, she hoped that we could meet when she was visiting the campus.  We met, we chatted and the next Fall she was a student at LTSP.  My friend the Ukulele Player worked with me at the seminary bookstore for three years and we had a marvelous time.  Here is a photo from her non-air conditioned ordination.  I am the soggy one in the back row all the way to the left.  

This past December, Soda Chicky and I took another road trip.  We attended the wondrous wedding of Songbird and Will Smama.  Then we went to see the Ukulele Player at her parish located in the birthplace of Converse sneakers.  It was a wonderful visit.  We spend New Year's Eve eating junk and watching TV.  The next day we watched "Some Like It Hot,"  "Connie and Carla," and finished up with "Victor/Victoria."  (We were on a roll.)  
Somehow, I suspect we would have met even if not for the RevGals, but because we did, we didn't start our "in person" friendship at the beginning.  We were already in the middle when we met. Such a blessing.  So cool!

Another aside - at age 20, my daughter has met a variety of RevGals. (She has wanted to be a RevGal for years.)   She is Facebook friends with some and a member of the Facebook RGBP group  I have promised she can go to BE 8,0 after she has turned 21. She wishes she didn't have to wait.  Who knew we were so cool?


Deb said...

I LOVE Assateague. We like to go when it's not beastly hot and mosquito-laden (i.e. October). There's something about it - the ponies, the salt air, or maybe it's just the books of my childhood! I'm glad you're a part of RGBP! said...

Love it. I am thankful too, for the relationships started online that have become so important!
Can't wait for her to join us when she's 21!

Teri said...

"we started in the middle"--so well put. that's it exactly!

So happy to know you. seriously.

Martha Spong said...

In the middle, exactly!
So glad you could be with us, it meant a lot.

Martha Spong said...

In the middle, exactly!
So glad you could be with us, it meant a lot.

kathrynzj said...