Thursday, January 19, 2006

Mommy, come tuck me in!

Why is it that I am the only one who can "tuck in" my twelve year old? And it's not like I actually tuck the child in. It's a quick peck and a lowering of the tv volume and shutting off the lights. I tuck nothing! The blankets are loose!

I suppose I will miss the ritual some day when my presence is no longer requested. But then again, maybe not. She bellers from upstairs and I am to come running. It was one thing when she was trapped in a crib. But she's twelve!

She insists that she sleeps better if I tuck her in. So I guess while I still have this magical power, I should make the most of it. And maybe, we'd all sleep better if we knew that when we yelled, someone would drop everything to come and give us a good night kiss.


Lutheran Zephyr said...

Hey, I'm one of those parents running to comfort a screaming child at 3AM. When I'm struggling to find my glasses and run into my daughter's room to comfort her without tripping over Elmo, a box of diapers or some Dora legos - in this midst of that panic - I'm wondering what I'm doing and when I cna go back to bed. But when I get to her bedside ,there's something connected, something special, something wonderful about soothing her and holding her till she falls back to sleep.

But after a night out at the bar with a friend, here's to hoping that she sleeps well tonight . . .

HereISit said...

Those times in bed are really the most special. Although the lack of sleep sometimes made me NOT a special mommy the next day.