Saturday, January 21, 2006

Meme - rhymes with theme

Thanks Zephyr man for passing on an interesting set of questions.

[The photo is one of the four places I'd rather be. My parents' backyard in Colorado.]

Four Jobs You've Had: 1]Avon Lady; 2]Parish Pastor; 3]Personal Assistant (housework, clerical, driving- all for $6 an hour) for a retired University of Chicago Econ prof and his wife; 4] 1/3 of the LSTC's Dean of Faculty Secretary - (He's retired now. No names please. What a guy! "Don't disturb me for twenty minutes. I'll be doing my somnistics." Yep! Taking a nap!)

Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over: 1] "The Philadelphia Story" (Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart, what more need I say!); 2] "Corrina, Corrina" (I know it's a Whoopy Goldberg movie, but there's something about the story and her chemistry with Ray Liota and the little girl that gets me every time.); 3] "The Shop Around the Corner" - ("You've Got Mail" was a cute little flick but it has nothing on the original!); 4] "Charade" - (Much better than the remake of a couple of years ago.)

Four Places You've Lived: 1] A garage apartment- four small rooms above a two car garage- across the street from the old married student's housing at LTSS in Columbia, SC; 2] Ava, Missouri- home of the Missouri Fox Trotter's Association and the county seat of a county known by others in the area as "Booger County". I never learned why they call it that. 3] Boulder, Colorado; 4] Canoga Park, California- I was a "Valley Girl" before they had Valley Girls.

Four TV Shows You Love to Watch: 1] "Charmed" - It's a guilty pleasure; 2] "The Gilmore Girls" - Don't feel quite as guilty about this one. My dad even likes "The Gilmore Girls!"; 3] Old movies - The best reason to have Tivo is so that you can record old movies at 3:00am and watch them at a decent hour; 4] "Sunday Morning" on CBS - Now that I am not serving in a parish, I can actually watch this show before church. It's smart. I like it.

Four Places You've Been on Vacation: 1] Paris - We stayed in a totally cool hotel decorated in "20th century Parisian Garage Sale." Nothing matched but it was wonderful; 2] Summit County, Colorado when the snow was great! 3] Delawanna Resort 90 minutes northwest of Toronto - It's a little like the resort in "Dirty Dancing" without the dancing. 4] New York City with my daughter. We stayed at the Seaman's Institute. A great bargain and if you're Lutheran clergy they give you a 10% discount.

Four Websites You Visit Daily: 1] My company intranet site; 2] AOL to get my mail.... that's about it for daily visits.

Four of Your Favorite Foods: 1] Baskin and Robbins Chocolate and Peanut Butter Ice Cream; Chocolate; 2] My mother's Cornish pasty; 3] Good bread with real butter; 4] A good steak.

Four Places You'd Rather Be Right Now: 1] Bed - It's the first thing that came to mind; 2] Paris; 3] The hammock in my parent's backyard in the Colorado mountains when the temperature is above 60 degrees; 4] Drinking beer and eating chips at some Mexican joint with my best friend from Chicago.

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