Thursday, August 30, 2007

Things I hope my daughter knows...

My friend the Lutheran Zephyr tagged me for Five Things My Children Should Know. As the Soda Chick is now 14, I hope she has learned many of these things already. And I think she has. But just in case she's reading this, here goes!
  1. Nothing can separate us from the love of God! Not anything. No way! No how! Nothing you ever do, nothing you ever leave undone. No power, no vacuum. God will find you, love you and go with you- no matter what.
  2. That goes for me too! There's nothing that will ever cause me to stop loving you. You cannot lose my love.
  3. Church is a good place to be. It will help you keep focused on what's important. It will always be a place where you can learn new tools for survival. There will always be people at church who care about you. Don't stop going there just because you're having doubts. It's easier to be faithful when you're surrounded by people who are also trying to better understand God, themselves and the world.
  4. Follow your joy. Don't follow dreams that are lacking in joy. Find a job/career that helps you be at your best. Marry someone that loves you even when you are being unloveable. Make choices that bring joy to your life. Not happiness, but true joy.
  5. Smart and funny is better than pretty and popular any day of the week. Now, let's be clear. I am not saying that you aren't pretty. You are. But what is really important is what's on the inside. And not just your insides, but the insides of the people you hang with. It will be true of the guys you date, too. Plus, the folks who will bring out the best in you, will be the ones who make you feel smart and funny. Does that make sense?

So that's my motherly advice for the day. I would really love to hear what Pink Shoes, Songbird, Reverend Mommy, Soda Chicky and Mountain Mama have to say. Tag! You're It!


Christopher said...

Pleased to meet you. I'll pop in sometime in person and say hi.

P.S. an after-thought said...

Hey, I think you knew my daughter because of Sem. at P, right? She is an intern this year (vicar) and will be done 9/9 and then THE DRAFT.

I hope to do this meme, but I'll also be hosting the next Reconciliation Carnival, posting about that tomorrow.

RevHRod said...

Yes, that's me in the basement! Love to hear what you have to say if you get a chance.

Songbird said...

Thanks for asking, I'll do it!

revabi said...

Those are really good things for your child to know. I like them.

Pink Shoes said...

I promise I'll do this soon.... maybe later today, even!