Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pseudo Grandbaby's Tough Day

Today Pseudo Grandbaby had shots. Four of them, two in each leg. Initially he was his usual happy self. But then post afternoon nap, he realized how crummy he really felt.

I had forgotten how bad "Shot Day" can be for the little ones. They can't really tell you if they feel bad because their legs hurt or if it's because they just feel achey or feverish or what. So they cry. And then after that they weep. This is all followed by more sadness as they struggle to take that much needed second nap.

Pseudo is a very happy baby. Growing strong. Long and lean and very active. When he feels bad I remember how hard it was to deal with Soda Chicky's baby tears. Sometimes I just wanted to join the crying. Sometimes I did joing the crying.

Pseudo's mom and dad are doing a great job of finding ways to comfort their little one. And now I ache as much for them as for the baby. It's bound to be a long night.

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"PS" said...

Talk about "walking in another person's shoes"...I would imagine you are a source of wisdom for your friends.