Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Those Ugly Shoes You Had to Have!

For two years Soda Chicky has been asking for a pair of Uggs. She's been dramatic, subtle and earnest in her requests depending on her mood. The Bug Man and I finally agreed, with certain stipulations, to buy her a pair. We headed off to an outlet place where we had seen them before, but no luck! The only Uggs to be had were either too big, too small or some goofy metallic color like the ones pictured here. With much sighing, we got back in the car. As luck would have it, we found ourselves in front of The Walking Shoe Company. They carry Uggs for men, women, children and even babies. They have Ugg boots, Ugg slippers and even Ugg flip flops. But only one pair that the Chick liked in her size. We bought them.

After we got home, I wondered why she wanted these, by definition, Ugg-ly shoes? Why are all these teenage girls wearing shearling lined boots with shorts or leggings or whatever else strikes their mood? I just didn't get it.

The next day, I was looking at The Walking Shoe Company catalog and it all made sense. This company sells Earth Shoes. Yes, Earth Shoes! The ugly shoe I HAD to have when I was the same age as the Chick. Mine were uglier than these. Tan suede with laces. They were goofy looking but very comfortable and I HAD to have them. After months and months, my parents got them for me. At the time, we lived in Southern California and Earth Shoes were all the rage. Before my pair wore out, we moved to Colorado where nobody had ever seen such funky shoes. But I still liked them.
Nowadays I'm looking for comfort first and fashion second when it comes to shoes. The Chick thinks I have this backward. But fortunately for her, her new shoes, while trendy, are also incredibly comfortable. (They should be! They cost enough!) I did buy a pair of shoes for myself this weekend. Dansko heels. They are very comfortable but still cute. Stylish even. Now the only problem is the Bug Man says that when you buy a new pair you have to toss an old pair. Poor man! He just doesn't get this shoe thing, at all!


RuthRE said...

Ugg's are still around and popular? Man, I thought they'd be gone in a year. Only snow would make me want to put them on.

Easton brand boat shoes (or deck shoes?) were "in" when I was in junior high. I was graced with an "off" brand and it didn't crush me too much at all :)

St. Casserole said...

I begged for Earth Shoes when I was in High School. I got them wore them until they were strings of leather!

Uggs? Ugh! But I do understand.

Shoes? You can't have too many pairs...

virginnylee said...

Well, I have to say that comfert is the number one thing in my book too. My faves are breks, keens (really ugly too), and of course the chacos! Hope she enjoys her uggs!

RevAnne said...

My favorite ugly comfy shoes are Crocs...I almost wish I didn't love them. I have 3 different styles, and I live for days when I can wear them to work.