Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Are you addicted to Facebook?

In April, Baby Sister double dog dared me to get a Facebook account. Actually, she said that if I didn't sign up she would do it for me. What choice did I have?

So now I have a Facebook account. If you know my real name you can find me pretty easily. I mostly wanted to join up so that I could play Scrabulous. I love Scrabble. And now I can play Scrabble with Songbird, Baby Sister and other online friends.

But I also find that I want to know what's going on with my community. My workspace is in the basement of our building. Things happen above ground and sometimes I miss things. Now I know stuff that I don't even need to know. It's a strange lurking kind of thing. And yet it's not.

Soda Chicky has a Facebook account. I can look at the pictures she posts from various parties and field trips. A couple of her friends have also "friended" me. One of her friends thinks it is too, too strange that I have Facebook. But the Chick and I have agreed that there is nothing creepy about all of this and we feel comfortable with seeing what the other one is up to.

I have had chats with kids who used to be in my youth group and are now grown up. I caught up with a friend from high school and two of Baby Sister's old boyfriends. (They found me, not the other way around.)

And then there's Flair. It's an addictive thing. How much Flair can you send? How much Flair do you get? Do you make your own Flair for special occasions?

And that Lil' Green thing. How can sending an email really help the environment? I think it might be a scam and yet people keep sending me these pretend plants. I'm totally confused about that one.

So I am trying not to become too addicted to Facebook and yet...


Ruth said...

Well, you've just fed *my* facebook addiction. I 'friended' you :)

And I LOOOOVE Scrabulous.

God_Guurrlll said...

I've never gotten into facebook. I'm thinking of setting up an account just to play scrabulous.

My latest addiction is ravelry, it is the same as facebook but it is all about yarn and knitting. Lots of pretty pictures of yarn.

Mary Beth said...

Facebook ... I have a love hate relationship.

Mostly I hate all those applications. Like Lil Green Patch. Ugh!