Monday, January 23, 2006

The Customer Service Sucked!

Saturday night my parents were here and we wanted to go have some good German food. After consulting with friends and surfing the net, we made a reservation. (I won't tell you where. Just know we won't go back.) We were a bit early but they seated us immediately. Fifteen minutes later, we were still hoping for human contact and some menus.

When we stopped a waitress, she sent over the hostess who looked totally confused when my father asked if they were short staffed. She promised to send some one to wait on us and left some menus. Ten minutes later we left.

On the way out the door, I asked to see the manager. The waitress I had spoken to looked confused. "Your boss. I want to talk to your boss." Unfortunately, she sent the hostess over again. She thought probably it was maybe her fault that we hadn't been waited on. She thought that maybe she had made a mistake. No real apology- just more confused looks.

We went down the street and found a noisy Irish Pub- Fergie's Pub in downtown Philly. Good beer. Great service. Loud music. Very authentic looking. Shepherd's Pie was pretty tasty. And the waitress got a 40% tip from my very content father. (He and my mother also offered to adopt her.)

So whatever happened to apologizing when you make a mistake? Whatever happened to doing something that's not in your job description so that the business succeeds?



Lutheran Zephyr said...

Sorry the German place sucked . . .

Anonymous said...

Why are so many Lutheran bloggers apparently near Philly?

RevHRod said...

Philly? Just lucky, I guess.