Sunday, October 28, 2007

Details of the Last Supper

As of this weekend, you can now view DaVinci's The Last Supper in 16 billion pixels. Now for art historians this is a big deal. Even for those have only a passing interest it's kind of cool to look at the close ups of paint and brush stroke. But it seems that this wonderful advent in technology, meant to help artists study the painting, has led to more goofiness over the DaVinci code.

The figure above has never seemed very feminine in my estimation. And if she was really Jesus' favorite gal pal, would Leonardo have painted her in this manner. Doubt it. Plus, The DaVinci Code is a novel! Fiction! Yikes!

Some guy has done studies to prove that the Mona Lisa once had eyebrows. Give me a break. Why can't we just enjoy the art and marvel at the technology rather than getting all wiggy about some big secret? Sheesh!

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