Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treating at Tiffany's

Soda Chicky was determined to go trick or treating tonight. She wanted to be "something real." I was never quite sure what this meant except that she rejected some of my more creative costume ideas.

On Friday I took her to the doctor because she had sinusitis. We bought some scrubs at the medical center pharmacy, thinking she could be a crazy doctor. A little fake blood. A fake knife. But after a few days this idea was rejected. (Of course there is no returning the scrubs...)

The Chick has a little black dress that she thought might be the basis of a costume. We decided she could wear her "Audrey Hepburn" sunglasses and a french twist- a costume was born! And then I realized on my way to work... I was going to dress my daughter up as Holly Golightly! Fortunately, she probably won't be watching "Breakfast at Tiffany's" any time soon, so she just thinks she was cute while asking the neighbors for candy.

And if like the Scarecrow and GinnyLee you are too young to remember who Holly Golightly is.... let's just say that you don't want your 14 year old to follow in her occupational footsteps.

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