Thursday, January 26, 2006

Do you trust the President? Why?

This afternoon (1/26) I was driving home listening to NPR's "All Things Considered." They were discussing the President's stance on tapping phones to prevent terrorism- without a warrant. As a means of gauging the nation's debate on the topic, they went to Lincoln, Nebraska home of The Cornhuskers.

The first woman they interviewed said she was okay with the eavesdropping given the events of 9/11. And she said she trusted the President because he was a Christian.

I screamed. It was good that I was alone in my car!

Have we learned nothing? There are plenty of law breaking, untrustworthy Christians out in the world. How is it that President Skippy gets a wave from this woman simply because he is a Christian? Am I being too cynical? Too liberal? Acckkkk!

Would she trust him less if he was a Muslim or a Buddhist or a Jew? Still faithful. Still devout, but not Christian? What if he was a pacifistic athiest?

I would trust him more if I thought he had a just a few more lights on in the attic.


P. Softly said...

I'd like to hear these sentiments from someone in the pulpit. No wonder only the right leaning preachers speak out on politics.

RevHRod said...

The problem for many of us when we're in the pulpit is we're afraid to offend people out in the pews.

A lot of ELCA clergy are liberal leaning democrats. A lot of our parishioners are middle of the road republicans. We agree on a lot of things, but there are some hot topics that we're afraid to touch.

The Sunday after the ELCA assembly this summer I supply preached. It was much easier to say what I thought because I knew that my security was not tied to those people in any way.

Sadly, I did not always feel the ability to be so honest when I was serving a parish on a weekly basis. I know it's not right, but it's true. And face it, we've read enough about the OT prophets to know that they probably had a tough time supporting a family and paying the mortgage.

Luscious Juicy Tomato said...

Hi it's me - the yakkity kid sister! Sorry I'm late, but I rarely check the email address you used. Use the yahoo one instead.

No, I do not trust the president. I can't stand him. I tried to watch his press conference yesterday, but his inauthenticity and slickness made me so edgy, I had to switch to a rerun of "Project Runway." That Heidi Klum is adorable.


Kate3533 said...

I think that women was wrong becuse there are lots of bad people out there Christian and non Christian. I mean so what he could be an athist would she still say the same thing ?

LutheranChik said...

And Torquenada was a Christian too. :-/

RevHRod said...

My young "friend" Kate3533 lives at my house. It's fun to see her in the conversation.

LC - it took me five different searches to find Tomas de Torquemada. I hope GW doesn't hear your comparison over the phone lines. ;-) Good comment!