Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I don't understand "American Idol".

My family is watching "American Idol." In my husband's defense, he's also doing some paperwork but still, he can hear it! They're in the preliminary phase of the show where every other person cannot sing. But still my daughter is attentive.

It feels embarrassing to watch these people. Why do some people enjoy watching others make fools of themselves? It seems so cruel. So unnecessary. Aren't there good stories out there that we could tell? Aren't there talented people who might actually be entertaining?

What is it about our culture that we create programs like this? Somehow it feels akin to "Punch and Judy" shows and the Three Stooges. I never liked those either. Or "America's Funniest Home Videos." They're not funny, just cruel.


Lutheran Zephyr said...

Well, sometimes I get embarrased when I hear someone preach. Now there's a reality show waiting to happen - American Preacher!

RevHRod said...

My mother was visiting a congregation once and said that the preaching was so bad she had to sit on her hands so that she wouldn't get up and walk out.

At the passing of the peace, the woman in front of her said, "It's not usually this bad, but our regular pastor is on vacation."

After service, Mom found out the woman was married to the guy in the pulpit!