Monday, February 20, 2006

Cooking with SodaChick

SodaChick is one of my daughter's many alias. (She's the one in the middle. It's a photo from about eight years ago. I had posted a more current one but she made me change it. Not sure she'll like this one any better.) She is a budding chef and lately weekends have brought experiments. This Saturday it was Canneloni. This was not your typical twelve year old trip to the kitchen. There were shallots and heavy cream involved. A tomato cream sauce from scratch and yours truly got to debone two pounds of chicken thighs. The fun part was putting the filling in the food processor and then watching SodaChick fill the wrappers and place them in the various baking dishes. The results were FANTASTIC! Unfortunately, the recipe called for a small bit of nutmeg. SodaChick did not like the nutmeg. So while her father and I oohed and ahhhed, she munched on garlic bread. Last night she cooked for her dad while I went off to an event. (See blog below.) SC made parmesan cheese balls- a pastry like thing with sauce to dip in, boxed tortellini and a homemade alfredo sauce. If I didn't know better, I'd think the kids was Italian! But unless the Vikings travelled far south and married some good southern cooks.... It's fun to watch my daughter grow in this activity she enjoys so much. It brings out her creative and brave spirit. Watch out, Betty Crocker!

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