Friday, February 24, 2006

Friendship Friday Five

Thanks to the Rev Gal Pals there is always something new and interesting to write about on Fridays! This week, five friends who have been there for you.

  1. Cindy- There's not enough room to say everything, so one story. I am not famous for my abilities as a long distance driver. Three hours and then I'm ready to pull over and let somebody else have the keys. Cindy knows this because she and I have gone on many a cross country youth outing together. This summer when I moved from Chicago to Philadelphia, I drove by myself. (SodaChick was with the grandparents. Hubby stayed back to sell the house.) Cindy called me every couple of hours just to see how I was doing. It made a long trip go faster and it made the loneliness less. Those are the kinds of things that she does.
  2. Sara - Little sister number 2. When I moved to Chicago in 1995, she was there. I am so glad she was holding the net so I wouldn't fall.
  3. Lisa - Little sister number 1. When the rest of the family moved to Illinois while we were in college- we stayed in Colorado. We did all the family holiday things. We double dated. We kept our boats afloat, together.
  4. Ann - College roomie. Seminary classmate. She helped me through grief and heartbreak and challenges to my faith. She's a wonderful pastor.
  5. Lutheran Zephyr- When you move to a new city, you're not always lucky to find a new friend right away. Not me! A cool wind blew in and there he was. He listens, he kvetches, he asks me out to lunch for no reason at all. He has good stories about his cool daughter and his smart wife. What more could you ask for?


Songbird said...

Thanks for playing today!

Pink Shoes said...

Such important categories of people -- especially the new friend in a new place.

see-through faith said...

great to read this :)