Wednesday, February 22, 2006

How to hang up your coat

First of all, this is not my closet. I just wanted some art to go with this. Silly, I know. Second, my husband actually came in the office tonight to give me instructions on how to hang up my coat. According to him, there is a right way and a wrong way. Personally, I feel that hanging the thing up at all is an accomplishment. And I am always delighted when SodaChick picks hers up off the floor. Anyhow, there are two pieces to hanging up your coat correctly. 1) Don't fight the curve in the hanger. If you're using a cheap dry cleaner hanger, this is not an issue. But if you inherited some of those nice wooden hangers from your grandmother's estate, make sure that the coat is hung AROUND the hanger. 2) There is apparently a correct direction to hang your coat. They should all face the same direction. I don't know if it's always the same direction or if it varies with whichever closet you're working with. It might have something to do with which hemisphere you live in, but I'm not sure. Bottom line, I hung my coat up the right way tonight. I am pretty certain that my salvation is not dependent upon this issue. So I'm not inclined to give it a lot of thought in the future. What troubles me is that my hubby actually thinks there is a correct way to do this. I figure if the coat stays on the hanger and doesn't leave a sleeve hanging outside the door, it's "mission accomplished!" Ah well. My Simpson Personality is probably the explanation for all of this. [See previous post.]


Girl said...

Hmmm...he must care a lot about the TP being rolled over, too.

Kind of like someone else I know...yeah...'someone else'...that's it..


RevHRod said...

He cares NOTHING about the toilet paper or the way the dishwasher is loaded. He does have issues with the folding of socks however. Me, I'm the one who wants the TP just so and the dishes done the RIGHT way.

Anonymous said...

Hubby is absolutely correct - coats do need to be hung up correctly. In addition to his rules, the hanger must be hung over the front of the rod, the curvy part at the top can't come over the back of the rod. The proper direction is that the front of the coat faces to the left. These rules are strictly enforced.

Toilet paper comes over the top of the roll.

Dishwasher loading depends on the dishwasher. I'll show you how to load ours properly next time you visit.

see-through faith said...


think he just want to have time with you you (grin)